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This is one of our very small batch salsas. It's dangerously hot, but loveable to those that really like hot salsa! Chef King's Smoked Habanero Salsa while hotter than all of our other salsas combined, it's unique. If you like hot, then think hotter than hot. This one is! We smoke our ingredients over Texas Mesquite and Hill Country Pecan to bring this hot pepper to a slightly milder state of heat. But, it's still a habanero.

Mesquite Smoked Habanero Salsa

SKU: 00005
  • Our one of a kind, hand-crafted salsas are unique as Chef Kevin who created them. They are rich in Texas roots and flavors as you would expect from a Texas born and raised chef. Chef Kevin creates his unique salsas from his heart and with passion for pleasing your pallette. And, ONLY with natural ingredients!  Some are mild as a sunset on our Texas beaches and some are hotter than the west Texas sand in August, but you'll enjoy their full flavors. We guarantee it!